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Many people in the world know Iran through the enduring fame of Shiraz, its ancient capital. Shiraz is among the top three most visited cities in Iran. The deluge of tourists, especially in early spring when the scent of orange blossoms permeates Shiraz and its surroundings, calls for large-scale accommodation, and the city is well prepared for this challenge. The diversity of lodging centers in Shiraz is absolutely stunning, offering fancy five-star hotels, great apartment hotels, and a host of hostels and guesthouses that guarantee a memorable and joyful trip to Iran's capital of art and poetry.

If you are accustomed to residing in luxury lodgings, Shiraz hotels will serve you the best. If expensive accommodation isn't your thing, the traditional guesthouses will welcome you with their modest but delightful services in Shiraz. Finally, if you crave a compromise between privacy and affordability, Shiraz hostels are just what you are looking for. Among the finest historic houses in the city is Seven Hostel in Shiraz. Seven Hostel is ideal for travelers to Shiraz who need cheap but quality accommodation. It offers a well-equipped historic mansion with fully furnished kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, all for half the price of a single room in a fancy hotel. Reservations can be made online before commencing your journey.

Our Shiraz hostel is highly sought after, especially during the peak tourist season, so we recommend making reservations at least 10 days in advance.

Shiraz Tours

There are many different Shiraz tours in and around the city. The most popular ones are Shiraz sightseeing tours and Persepolis tours. The great number of tourist destinations in Shiraz has made our Shiraz sightseeing tours immensely popular among tourists. Adding the grandeur of Persepolis and Necropolis to the list, Shiraz becomes not only a must-see city in Iran but in the whole world. Our Persepolis tour packages, just like our Shiraz sightseeing tours, are daily tours that start from the city of Shiraz. We spend a full day among the ruins of the ancient world, exploring the magnificent edifices and reflecting on the eternal agony of the mundane world and the lost glory of the past.

Shiraz Travel Guide

Shiraz is truly a museum city with a great number of historical sites. While travel guides can be helpful, sometimes you need an authentic experience of the city and its people. That's where our professional team of Iranian tour guides comes in. Our Shiraz tour guides are locals who speak superb English and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the province, its history, and culture. They will be by your side throughout the tour, providing assistance and answering your questions.

Shiraz, Iran Points of Interest

Shiraz offers a plethora of spectacular attractions. From Iranian gardens like Eram Garden, Afif Abad, and Qavam House to historical sites such as Persepolis and Necropolis, and tombs of renowned poets like Hafiz and Saadi, the city has something for every visitor. A one-day tour is barely enough to cover all these destinations. Therefore, we also offer exceptional services for those planning longer stays in Shiraz. Our tours can be extended based on your preferences, and the package cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Where to Stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz offers a variety of lodging options to suit every traveler's needs. Five-star hotels like "Shiraz Grand Hotel," Chamran Grand Hotel, Setaregan Hotel, and Homa Hotel provide luxury services and facilities. For those looking for affordable accommodation, there is a wide range of economy hotels and guesthouses in Shiraz. You can find a cheap hotel in Shiraz at one-third to half the price of a fancy hotel. Traditional guesthouses in Shiraz offer even lower prices and provide adequate facilities for your stay. Staying in these places allows you to meet fellow travelers and exchange stories in a friendly atmosphere.

Shiraz City

The tourist destinations in Shiraz are scattered throughout the city. By referring to the Shiraz tourist map, which can be found online in different formats such as PDF, you can get a clear picture of the city and its mesmerizing spots.